Quick & Easy Chunky Men’s Crochet Hat – FREE Pattern

This is a free pattern for an easy chunky men’s crochet hat. It comes in 3 different sizes perfect for matching hats for the whole family.

I find crochet hats such great projects to have under your belt. They are great projects to work on when you are looking for an instant gratification from working on a project.

They are quick to make, especially this chunky men’s crochet hat. The largest size took me only a couple of hours to make. That is including making and trimming the pom pom.

Secondly, they would also make a great last minute gift. If you are pushed for time this holiday season or have forgotten someone’s birthday, this hat will come to your rescue.

As you can see I have made three sizes of the pattern for matching hats for my boys. I know this might be a bit bias, but aren’t they cute in their matching hats?

The smallest size fits a 4 years old, next size up fits 8 year old and you also have the adult man version.

However, the pattern is easy to adjust yourself for any size you wish to make. I have included the stitch count repeat as well as a handy crochet hat sizes chart below.


free chunky men's crochet hat pattern

Yarn I Used For This Chunky Men’s Crochet Hat

I have recently took part in reviewing some gorgeous yarns from Hobbii. If you would like to find out more, you can check out this Hobbii Yarn Review & Shopping Spree – See What I have Chosen.

One of those yarns was Fantasy yarn from Hobbii which is the yarn I have used for this crochet hat pattern.

Fantasy yarn is a premium acrylic. It is a variegated yarn that comes in variety of colors. There are 15 great colors to choose from.

The pretty color combinations are mixed with each other and change throughout the skein, resulting in a varied color flow while you crochet with the yarn. 

The yarn is a great alternative to animal wool fibres for people who are allergic. I have worked up a small swatch in half double crochet and you can see how the subtle color changes.

I think Fantasy yarn is a great acrylic yarn that feels soft against skin. It feels hard-wearing so it would withstand a frequent wear which is prefect for winter accessories.

Get the ad-free PDF version of this pattern from my shops below:

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Materials for Chunky Men’s Crochet Hat (contains affiliate links)

Please note final yarn quantities are gauge dependant.

chunky men's crochet hat in 3 sizes

Gauge /Tension

13 sts x 11 rnds measures 10 x 10 cm / 4 x 4 inches

Stitches And Abbreviations (US Crochet Terms)

ch – chain stitch

sl st – slip stitch

sc – single crochet

sc blo – single crochet worked through back loop only

hdc – half double crochet

hdc tlo – half double crochet worked through third loop only (aka camel stitch)

FPhdc – front post half double crochet – worked around the post of the stitch

inc dec – invisible decrease – yarn over, insert hook through the third loop of next two hdc, you, pull through, yoh and pull through all 3 loops on hook

yoh – yarn over hook

prev – previous

rep – repeat

RS – right side

WS – wrong side

beg – beginning

PM – place a stitch marker into the indicated stitch

chunky men's crochet hat in 2/5 years size

Chunky Crochet Hat Finished Sizes

SizeFinished Hat CircumferenceHat Height
2-5 years17.8 inch /45 cm7.5 inch /18.9 cm
6-10 years18.9 inch /48 cm8.3 inch /21 cm
adult man21.3 inch /54 cm8.7 inch /22 cm

Pattern Notes

  • the hat is worked bottom up
  • the pattern starts with the ribbed brim
  • ribbed brim is worked in short rows of sc blo st rows until you reach your desired circumference
  • the brim is then joined into a continuous round by crocheting the last row and underside of foundation chain together
  • the main body of the hat is then worked around the long edge of the hat brim
  • you will be working around the end stitch of each end of each row of the hat brim and pick up stitches in each row
  • so the number of rows of the hat brim will equal number of stitches of the hat main body
  • to adjust the size of the hat, you will need to adjust the length of the hat brim when working the short sc blo rows
  • for the main stitch pattern to work, you will need to adjust by mulitples of 3 sts. The crown shaping and decreases work on 9 st repeats.
  • then simply join the hat brim into round and continue working along the long edge of the brim
  • you can refer to the handy hat sizes chart below when adjusting the size
chunky men's crochet hat in 6/10 years size

Chunky Men’s Crochet Hat Written Pattern

Hat Brim

Chain 7 (9, 9).

Row 1: starting in 2nd ch from hook, 1 sc across the foundation row, turn. [6 (8, 8) sc]

Row 2: 1 ch (doesn’t count as a st throughout), 1 sc, 4 (6, 6) sc blo, 1 sc in last, turn. [6 (8, 8) sc]

Repeat Row 2 another 52 (61, 70) times.

Turn your work 90 degrees and continue working across the long edge of your hat brim. You will be working around the end sc st of each row of the hem.

Main Body of Chunky Men’s Crochet Hat

Rnd 1: 2 ch (doesn’t count as a st throughout), starting in same st at the bottom of 2 ch, 1 hdc around each end sc across the bottom hem, sl st to top of beginning 2 ch. [54 (63, 72) hdc]

Rnd 2: 2 ch, (2 hdc tlo, 1 FPhdc) repeat around, sl st to top of first st.

Repeat Rnd 2 until you have 9 (10, 12) rounds in total.

chunky men's crochet hat pattern

Shaping The Chunky Hat Crown

Next rnd: 2 ch, *(2 hdc tlo, 1 FPhdc) twice, 1 inv dec, 1 FPhdc; repeat from * around, sl st to top of first st. [48 (56, 64) sts]

Next rnd: 2 ch, *2 hdc tlo, 1 FPhdc, 1 inv dec, 1 FPhdc, 1 hdc tlo in next, 1 FPhdc; repeat from * around, sl st to top of first st. [42 (49, 56) sts]

Next rnd: 2 ch, *1 inv dec, 1 FPhdc, (1 hdc tlo in next, 1 FPhdc) twice; repeat from * around, sl st to top of first st. [36 (42, 48) sts]

Next rnd: 2 ch, (1 hdc tlo, 1 FPhdc) repeat around, sl st to top of first st.  [36 (42, 48) sts]

Next rnd: 2 ch, *1 hdc tlo, 1 FPhdc, miss next st, 1 FPhdc around next, 1 hdc tlo in next, 1 FPhdc; repeat from * around, sl st to top of first st. [30 (35, 40) sts]

Next rnd: 2 ch, work 1 FPhdc around each FPhdc from previous rnd missing every hdc tlo st, sl st to top of first st. [18 (21, 24) hdc]

chunky men's crochet hat free pattern

Finishing Instructions

Fasten off leaving a long tail.

Using needle and the tail end, cinch the little opening on top of the hat closed.

Using pom pom maker of your choice, make a pom pom and attach to the top of the hat.

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this chunky men’s crochet hat pattern. If you think your crafty friends will like it too, why not share it with them?

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