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This is a free pattern on how to crochet boot cuffs. This is a simple yet very effective crochet accessory for colder months.

I am so excited to share this free crochet boot cuffs pattern with you! For me, this is another one of those patterns where I wouldn’t believe until I have tried.

I never thought how stylish modern and super warm boot cuffs can be! I always thought it might just be another crochet project I will make and not actually use.

How wrong was I?!

I must say that I wear winter boots pretty much every day throughout the cold season. I have put the boot cuffs on to take some pictures.

Always cutting it fine, I ended up wearing the crochet boot cuffs on the school run! I was amazed when a couple of people commented on the fur trim poking out from the top of my boots.

They even thought I had bought a new pair of winter boots!

Secondly, my boots were not only super stylish, but my legs were super warm!

So, if you are looking for a quick and easy way to breathe some new life into your winter boots while keeping your legs warm and toasty, try these crochet boot cuffs!


crochet boot cuffs free crochet pattern

What is a boot cuff?

Before we dive into the instructions on how to crochet boot cuffs, let’s have a look at what they actually are!

Boot cuffs are usually small round fabric (knit or crochet included) cuffs that go around your calf and sit on the top edge of your boots.

Depending on the type of boot, you can make them smaller where only a small part is inside the boot and larger portion is sitting just above the boot edge.

You can also wear boot cuffs in your Wellington boots. In this case, you can make them bigger so that they cover a bigger part of your calf.

You can use these larger boot cuffs to keep your trousers tucked in neatly, so it is easier to put your Wellington boots on without your trousers gathering up.

Secondly, they will add an additional layer in your Wellies making them more comfortable and warmer at the same time.

Boot cuffs have a decorative purpose as well as keeping your legs warm in cold weather.

crochet boot cuffs worn on brown boots

How do you crochet a simple boot cuff?

Crochet boot cuffs are super easy to make and are a suitable project even for a complete beginner.

What you need to make is basically a round crochet fabric that is wide enough to go around your ankle.

There are two ways you can crochet boot cuffs:

  1. in round– you will start with a foundation chain that is big enough to go around your calf snuggly but not too tight. You will join the foundation chain into a ring and then simply keep working in closed off rounds until you reach the desired height of your boot cuffs.
  2. in short rows– you will start with a foundation chain that will determine the height of your boot cuffs. You will then continue working in short rows until you reach the desired width of your boot cuffs. This is an easy technique for adjusting the width of your boot cuffs.
crochet boot cuffs flatly

How do you crochet ribbed boot cuffs?

If you crocheted a brim of a hat or a sleeve cuff you will know already how to crochet ribbed boot cuffs.

For the ribbed cuffs it is easier to use the short row technique as mentioned above.

You will start with a foundation chain that is as long as the desired height of your crochet boot cuffs. Then you will continue working in short rows until you reach the desired width to go around your calf.

To give your boot cuffs ribbed effect you can use stitched worked through back loop only like a slip stitch, half double slip stitch or single crochet.

You can also use half double crochet worked through the third loop only which is the stitch I used for my boot cuffs below.

crochet boot cuffs pattern

How do you crochet leg warmers?

Crochet leg warmers are very much the bigger sister of the boot cuffs. Leg warmers are worked in the same way as boot cuffs, you only need to make them much bigger so that they cover your entire calf.

From the ankle all the way up to just below the knee or even higher over the knee.

You can see an example here on my blog Quick and Easy Crochet Mountain Leg Warmers- free pattern which is an easy pattern using Crochet Rice Stitch In Round And Rows – Free Video Tutorial.

faux fur boot cuffs crochet pattern

Selma Crochet Boot Cuffs Design

I love how quick and easy these boot cuffs are to crochet. They are worked in short rows with the foundation chain determining the height of the boot cuffs.

If you prefer them higher, you can add any number of stitches to the foundation row.

Then you simply keep crocheting short rows until you reach the desired width that comfortable goes around your calf. You can easily crochet more or less rows and adjust the fit to your measurements.

I have used half double crochet that is worked through the third loop only. This gives the boot cuffs and lovely ribbed look with knit-look stitches too.

Then you simply join the last row to the underside of the foundation chain to form a round boot cuff.

I have then added a faux fur trim around the top edge of the boot cuff. This is by working a double crochet stitch around the edge hdc stitch of each row.

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MATERIALS (contains affiliate links)


height 14 cm

width/circumference 31 cm to fit 40 cm calf circumference


18 sts x 10.5 rows = 10 x 10 cm/ 4 x 4 inch measured over main hdc tlo pattern



hdc- half double crochet

hdc tlo– half double crochet worked throught the third loop only

dc – double crochet


  • the boot cuffs are worked in short rows
  • the foundation chain determines the height of the boot cuff
  • to adjust the height of your boot cuffs, you can add or take away as many stitches as you wish from the foundation chain
  • the beginning 2 ch counts as first hdc
  • work short rows using hdc tlo stitch until you reach the desired circumference
  • to customise the fit, measure the circumference of your calf first
  • then take off 7-9 cm to account for the stretch of the fabric
  • this is so that your boot cuffs fit snug and will not slide down or ride up your leg when worn
  • then continue working in rows of hdc tlo until you reach the measurement
  • the boot cuffs are then created by crocheting the last row with the underside of the foundation chain
  • the trim is added at the end using faux fur yarn
  • you will be working around the top edge of the boot cuffs placing stitches around the edge stitch of each row
  • the stitch used for the trim is double crochet
crocheted boot cuffs with faux fur

Selma Crochet Boot Cuffs Pattern

Boot Cuffs (make two)

Chain 16.

Row 1: start working into 3rd ch from hook (first 2 ch counts as hdc), 1 hdc in each ch across, turn. [15 hdc]

Row 2: 2 ch, 1 hdc tlo across until last st,  1 hdc into top of turning 2 ch, turn. [15 hdc]

Repeat Row 2 another 28 times or until you reach desired circumference if you are adjusting the size.

Fold the long strip in half and line up the stitches of the last row with the underside of the foundation chain, using your crochet hook slip stitch the two ends together.

Alternatively, you can fasten off after the last row and use the yarn tail end and tapestry needle to sew the two ends together.


Join faux fur yarn around edge stitch of any row.

Rnd 1: 3 ch (counts as first dc), work 1 dc around edge stitch of each row of the cuff, sl st to top of turning 3 ch from previous rnd. [30 dc]

Rnd 2 – 3: 3 ch, 1 dc in each st around, sl st to top of turning 3 ch from previous rnd. [30 dc]

Fasten off.

Note: if you are struggling to find the top loops of the stitches to work into, you can actually work into the gaps between two dc sts instead of the top of each st. This is much easier and will not be visible due to the nature of the yarn.


Final thoughts…

I hope you love these crochet boot cuffs pattern. If you think your crafty friends will like it too, why not share it with them?

You can share a direct link to this pattern on your social media. 

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