Crochet Scarf With Pockets – Free Pattern

This is a free crochet scarf with pockets pattern perfect as a winter accessory. It is an easy beginner friendly pattern that will keep you super warm.

Crochet scarf is such a great project to get stuck into! This crochet scarf with pockets will be your go to project for mindless and relaxing crochet time. It uses simple crochet stitches and has added pockets!

I never realised why there was such a craze when it comes to pockets. But once you try it, you know! I enjoyed crocheting this great crochet scarf, it uses my favourite crochet stitch.

I used the half double crochet stitch worked through the third loop at the back. This is a great stitch that produces a knit look crochet fabric.

The look is not the only reason I love it. It also produces super squishy fabric that is desirable when it comes to keeping warm.

The added pockets are made using faux fur yarn. They are not only super soft to touch. It is also super warm!

So your pockets on your crochet scarf will double up as hand warmers too! There is no need to think about taking gloves or mittens, you have built in hand warmers right on your scarf.

They are also super functional too. Although I would not rely on them to keep valuable items safe.

You can certainly carry tissues or a lip balm in them when you go out for a walk on a cold day. I would be very cautious about putting items like keys or mobile phone in them.


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Yarn I Used For My Crochet Scarf With Pockets

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I have recently worn my crochet scarf with pockets on a dog walk. It kept me super warm around my neck. The pockets came in especially handy.

I kept a little pouch with dog treats in them and a packet of tissues. When it got a little chilly, they also kept my hands nice and warm.

To create this super warm and handy scarf, I used a combination of two different yarns. For the main scarf I used City Tweed from WeCrochet. It is a beautiful yarn to crochet with.

Not only it creates a warm scarf, it also look great. I used a combination of Snowbank and Lemon Curd.

For the crochet pockets I have used Fable Fur yarn from WeCrochet. This is a super bulky weight yarn so these pockets only took 10 minutes to make! It is super soft yarn and so warm!

Because you will be using two different yarns with different weights, you will also need two different hook sizes.

close up of the pocket on a crochet scarf




180 cm long x 17.5 cm wide

depth of pockets 24 cm


17 rows x 18 sts measures 10 x 10 cm using main yarn and 4 mm hook or hook size needed to obtain gauge


ch- chain stitch

hdc- half double crochet

hdc tlo- half double crochet worked through the third loop only

dc- double crochet

dc2tog- double crochet the following two stitches together


  • the scarf is worked lengthways from one end to the other
  • you will work 5 rows in each colour
  • the faux fur pockets are worked separately and sewn on at the end


  • you can adjust the length of the scarf by adding extra stitches to the foundation chain
  • if you wanted to make a shorter version, you need to take away stitches from the foundation chain
  • to adjust the width, work more or less rows



With yarn A and 4 mm crochet hook chain 321.

Row 1: starting in 3rd chain from hook, 1 hdc in each ch across, turn. [320 hdc]

Row2: 2 ch (does not count as a st here and throughout), starting with the stitch at the bottom of 2 ch 1 hdc tlo in each st across, turn. [320 hdc tlo]

Row 3 – 5: as Row 2.

Fasten off, join yarn B and repeat Row 2 five times. Fasten off.

Repeat Row 2 for total of 30 rows working 5 rows in yarn A and 5 rows in yarn B.

POCKETS (make 2)

With yarn C and 6.5 mm crochet hook chain 17.

Row 1: starting in 4th ch from hook, 1 dc in each ch across, turn. [15 dc]

Row 2: 2 ch (doesn’t count as a st throughout), 1 dc in each st across, turn. [15 dc]

Row3 – 4: as Row 2.

Row 5: 2 ch, 1 dc in each st across until the last 2 sts, 1 dc2tog across the last 2 sts, turn. [14 dc]

Row 6: 2 ch, 1 dc2tog across the first 2 sts, 1 dc in each st to end, turn. [13 dc]

Repeat Row 5 & 6 another two times. [9 dc]

Fasten off.


Sew in all ends securely on the main scarf and on both pockets.

Line up the pockets with each end of the scarf and sew on paying attention to the pocket openings.

crochet scarf pocket graphic

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