Crochet Ponchette Free Pattern – Midnight Walk

Beautiful crochet ponchette pattern for women to use as an extra layer in cooler weather. However, you can also use it on a summer evening to cover your shoulders.

I simply love the versatility of this crochet ponchette! I used a combination of a super soft yarn and lacy crochet stitches to create this lovely crochet garment.

What Is A Crochet Ponchette?

Crochet ponchette is a type of a poncho but a much smaller version. Kind of like a mini version of a full size poncho.

It normally comes down to around an elbow length from the shoulder.

It is especially useful if you want to just cover your shoulders to keep them warm without the bulkiness and heaviness of a full size poncho.

The crochet ponchette is super versatile too! Because it is much smaller in size you can actually wear it under your coat in cold weather.

It will add an extra layer of warmth to your outfit. Secondly, it is not bulky at all which will make an extra layer under your coat much more comfortable.

You can also use this versatile crochet ponchette in summer! Because it is not bulky full sized poncho, you can drape it over your shoulders.

It will keep you nice and warm on a cooler summer evening. I normally drape a nice light shawl over my shoulders.

However, I find that sometimes the shawl slips off and I end up holding it in place. Well, with this crochet ponchette that problem is certainly solved!

Midnight Walk crochet ponchette

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Yarn I used For My Crochet Ponchette

For my Midnight Walk Ponchette I have used Vidalana Dusk by Knitcrate. It is a super soft DK weight yarn which consists of 60% Huayaca Alpaca, 40% Siri Alpaca.

The grey – blue hue of this yarn is called Midnight and it is such a lovely colour that will pair ups nicely with many colours in your wardrobe.

The 100% alpaca fibre is very versatile too. In cold weather it will keep you lovely and warm. However, in summer weather it will create a breathable open lacy fabric that will not make you too hot.

I have been gifted 2 skeins of this gorgeous yarn in October monthly subscription box from Knitcrate.


crochet ponchette Pinterest graphic

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MATERIALS (affiliate links)

  • Vidalana Dusk by Knitcrate (DK weight; 211 m/231 yds per 100 g /4 oz; 60% Huayaca Alpaca, 40% Siri Alpaca) x 2 (2, 2, 3, 3, 3, 4, 4, 4) skeins in Midnight
  • 4 mm crochet hook
  • Scissors
  • Yarn needle


size chart for crochet ponchette


2.5 pattern repeats x 5.5 rows measures 10 x 10 cm / 4 x 4 inches


ch- chain stitch

dc – double crochet

tr – treble crochet

FPdc – front post double crochet

BPdc – back post double crochet


  • this ponchette pattern is beginner friendly
  • it is constructed from two crochet rectangles sewn together
  • the size of each rectangle determines the overall size of the ponchette
  • the pattern is written out in nine sizes that will fit most, however I have included size adjustments notes below should you wish to make it bigger


  • the finished size of the ponchette is determined by the finished size of the rectangles
  • if you wanted to make your finished ponchette smaller you need to reduce the size of the rectangles, you can do this by chaining less stitches to reduce the width and working less rows
  • if you wanted to make your finished ponchette bigger you need to increase the size of the rectangles, you can do so by increasing your starting chain and working additional rows in the pattern repeats
  • the adjust the foundation chain you need to chain multiples of 6 + 3
crochet ponchette neckline close up


RECTANGLE (make 2)

Chain 93.

Row 1: working into 4th ch from hook (first 3 ch count as first dc), 1 dc in each ch across, turn. [91 dc]

Row 2: 4 ch (counts as first tr here and throughout the pattern), * miss 2 sts, 5 tr into next st, miss next 2 sts, 1 tr in next; repeat from * across placing last tr into the top of the beg 3 ch from prev row, turn.

Row 3: 4 ch, 2 tr in same st at the bottom of 4 ch, *miss 2 tr, 1 tr in next, miss 2 tr**, 5 tr in next tr; repeat from * across ending last repeat at **, 3 tr into top of beg 4 ch from prev row, turn.

Repeat Row 2 – 3 for pattern another 5 (6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13) times.

Next row: 3 ch (counts as first dc), work 1 dc in each tr across. [91 dc]

Fasten off.


  • line up the two rectangle panels at 90 degree angle to each other, one lengthways and the other widthways as shown in the picture below
  • sew the two panels together along the red line first
  • then fold around the edge of the taller panel onto the side of the wider panel and sew together along the green line
crochet ponchette making up diagram


Join yarn in any stitch of the neck opening (as shown on picture above).

Rnd 1: 2 ch (does not count as a stitch), starting with the stitch at the bottom of 2 ch (1 FPdc, 1 BPdc) repeat around, sl st to top of first FPdc

Rnd 2: 2 ch, (1 FPdc, 1 BPdc) repeat around, sl st to top of first FPdc.

Repeat Rnd 2 another 3 times. Fasten off.


Sew in all ends securely.

I hope you enjoyed this crochet ponchette pattern. I have more free crochet patterns that you might enjoy right here on the blog.

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