30 Beautiful Free Tunisian Crochet Garments For Her

Compilation of 30 free Tunisian Crochet garments that are stylish to wear

Tunisian Crochet garments for women are underestimated projects. The common misconception about making women’s clothes with Tunisian Crochet is that it is not suitable.

However, with the right stitch and yarn combination, you can make beautiful Tunisian Crochet clothes for women and in fact for the whole family. This compilation of free Tunisian crochet patterns will be the proof of that!

Although there are some obstacles that you have to overcome. Like the dreaded curl that is caused by some tighter stitches. Secondly, some fabric produced with Tunisian Crochet can have very little stretch as opposed to regular crochet.

However, these are all qualities that you can use to your advantage.

If your project curls a lot at the edges, use it to make rolled hems and cuffs. You can simply roll back the edge and “go with the curl”. If you gently sew the curl in place you can create the bottom hem and cuffs on your sleeves in no time!

Secondly, there are stitches that produce light and airy fabric. They are stitches with open lacy construction that have a lot of movement and drape.

If the stitches produce thicker and more dense fabric, you can still use them to make Tunisian Crochet garments. Things that are perfect for winter and colder seasons would be ideal for this.

What can you make using Tunisian crochet?

As I mentioned above, Tunisian Crochet used to be looked at as the technique used to produce thick and heavy afghans.

Whereas, this used to be true, nowadays you can find many modern stylish and easy to wear Tunisian Crochet clothes and accessories for women like Tunisian crochet cardigans, cocoon cardigans or Tunisian crochet tank tops and whole family.

Really, there is not a project you could not do with this technique for your handmade wardrobe. Tunisian crochet blanket, cushion covers and other homewares as well as many accessories like scarves, shawls and hats. And Tunisian Crochet garments for women and other members of the family are a definite go too!

Couple of things to remember before making anything with Tunisian Crochet or in fact with any craft, is the item’s purpose.

Ask yourself a couple of questions before starting on a project. When will I wear or use this item? Do I want to wear it in warmer months? Or do I want to keep warm and cozy in cold season? Then you can choose the perfect project.

If you answer those couple of questions, you can then decide on an appropriate stitch and construction.

edging showing things you need to know about tunisian crochet
Double Brim Tunisian Crochet Hat

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Can you make clothes with Tunisian crochet?

Absolutely YES!

That is the short answer. However, there are a few things to take into consideration when making Tunisian Crochet garments for women.

Once you learn the basics of Tunisian crochet even Tunisian crochet beginners can dive into making their own wearables.

A Choice Of Stitch

There are plenty of stitches to choose from which is always a good start. The one thing to remember is that some stitches indeed produce a thick and dense fabric.

However, you can use this to your advantage. These special stitches can be used for warm weather items. Things like scarves, hats and gloves would be ideal.

Secondly, you can use these stitches for thick sweaters, jacket and coats that will keep you super warm. The great thing is these stitches with Tunisian crochet technique will hold their shape perfectly.

Tunisian Knit Stitch – Free Tutorial, Tunisian Honeycomb Stitch – Free Crochet Tutorial, Tunisian Simple Stitch – Quick and Easy Tutorial or Tunisian Purl Stitch – Quick and Easy Tutorial would be great stitches to use.

On the other hand, there are Tunisian Crochet stitches for lighter garments and accessories with lots of drape. These simple stitches produce light and airy fabric with lots of drape combined with a simple construction for your handmade pieces.

Therefore, you can use these stitches in combination with large Tunisian crochet hook for lightweight items like summer tops, vest tops and light cardigans or sleeves cardigans.

One of those is the Tunisian Lacy Shell stitch I have used for my Easy Tunisian Crochet Lace Shawl – Free Pattern, you can find free on my blog.


Every Tunisian stitch consists of two parts. The forward pass and the return pass. If you have tried Tunisian Crochet you will know that the return passes the culprit of the fabric not being as stretchy as standard crochet.

The return pass is essentially chaining stitches through the loops to hold them in position or “casting off”. The chain is the same as foundation chain for a standard crochet project.

And we know that starting chains can be a little stubborn in terms of stretch. Now imagine that every row of your project has a foundation chain running through it.

That is why the stretch widthways for Tunisian Crochet is a little limited. However, this should not stop you from using this technique for garments.

You can absolutely use this to your advantage. You can turn your project sideways, similarly to my Modern Knit-look Crochet Jumper Free Pattern. Instead of working widthways from one side to the other, turn your project on its side and work from neck to the bottom hem.

This way the stretch will be on your side so your Tunisian Crochet sweater will not be too tight. On the other hand it will not stretch lengthways and produce a jumper that stretches out of shape.


This is definitely something you need to take into consideration. Actually this rule kind of applies to any handmade clothes be it standard crochet or Tunisian.

The simple rule is to choose a dense and thick crochet stitch for items worn in winter and cold seasons. These items will keep you super cozy as the fabric has no gaps and is nice and thick.

You can use a hook that is a couple of sizes bigger than the recommended hook on the yarn label. If you use thicker yarn like DK or worsted weight, your item will be great for cold weather.

For light and airy items you can wear in summer and spring, choose stitches that produce open fabric with gaps. As I mentioned above, Tunisian Crochet lacy shell is one of them.

For lighter items I would choose sports or fingering weight yarns and use hooks three to four sizes bigger than the yarn calls for. This way you will produce an item with lots of openwork and drape.


tunisian crochet garments for women

Is Tunisian crochet same as Afghan stitch?

Tunisian Crochet used to be referred to as Afghan Crochet quite a few years back. This was mostly due to the fact that people used this technique for crocheting thick and dense afghans or blankets.

The stitch that was used for this was Tunisian Simple Stitch or “Afghan Stitch”. People used to apply a tight tension to create a plain afghan. After that, they used cross stitch to embroider pictures onto it using graphs.

There is an interesting article that dives deeper into history and how Tunisian Crochet evolved, you can FIND IT HERE.

Tunisian Crochet garments came at a much later date. You could say that today’s modern crochet designers have elevated the craft to new levels.

Using innovative techniques and stitches, Tunisian Crochet is being widely used in garment making.

Is Tunisian crochet faster than knitting?

This is a question that gets asked so many times. And I feel like this is a very subjective matter.

You can be super fast knitter but slow at crochet and even slower at Tunisian Crochet. On the other hand you can master standard crochet as well as Tunisian Crochet and be slow knitter.

Other items like materials, hook sizes and choice of stitch will play a great role in this experiment too. You can totally do this simple experiment at home yourself and find out whether it takes YOU longer to knit or Tunisian Crochet.

All you need it yarn, knitting needles, tunisian hook, standard hook and stopwatch. You can then time yourself how long it takes you to knit a square, crochet a square and make a square using Tunisian Crochet. Make sure the squares have identical foundation row, number of stitches and rows.

This way you will have the best answer that applies to yourself. There have been a couple of experiments done, you can see them ON THIS BLOG. The conclusion was that Tunisian Crochet is faster than knitting and standard crochet.

However, the experiment ON THIS WEBSITE brought a different result.

30 Free Tunisian Crochet Garments

I have selected some amazing Tunisian Crochet garments that are stylish to wear and easy to make. They will be staples in your wardrobe.

You can choose from garments that are suitable for winter or summer.

Tunisian crochet sweater vest

This is a lovely beginner friendly crochet vest top. You can see that even Tunisian simple stitch can be used for summer items.

The choice of yarn and hook size play a big role in producing a lovely Tunisian Crochet garment for summer. CLICK HERE for the free pattern.

Tunisian crochet sweater vest

Free easy sweater dress pattern

This unique style of crochet offers a more dense weave and it allows for a more knit-like technique to the piece you are making.

The finished dress would be perfect for cooler weather. It uses the Tunisian Honeycomb Stitch that creates a stunning subtle texture. FOLLOW THIS LINK for the free pattern.

Free easy sweater dress pattern

Tunisian crochet jacket

This easy Tunisian crochet cardigan is a reversible make that will soon become your go-to sweater. There’s barely any seaming, minimal counting and some easy modifications to change the length of your Tunisian Crochet jacket.

You can find the free pattern ON THIS WEBSITE.

Tunisian crochet jacket

Tunisian crochet top pattern

This Tunisian Crochet garment is super easy to follow, flattering, and fits all kind of shapes and sizes. The Tunisian Summer Peplum top Pattern is size-inclusive and one that is perfect for the warmer season.

You can find the free pattern ON THIS BLOG.

Tunisian crochet top pattern

Easy Tunisian crochet top

This top is a pullover style with short ruffled sleeves that make a chic statement. It’s lightweight and easy to wear and SO much fun to make!

You can access this Tunisian Crochet garment pattern by CLICKING ON THIS LINK.

Easy Tunisian crochet top

Tunisian crochet cocoon sweater

Cocoons are some of the easiest garments you can crochet. If you can crochet a simple shape with minimal shaping, you can be sure that you’ll definitely be able to crochet a shrug as well!

For making a Tunisian crochet cocoon cardigan, all you need to make is actually just a square or rectangle and fold it the right way to transform it into a cardigan.

Find out how to make one HERE.

Tunisian crochet cocoon sweater

Tunisian crochet sweater

This Classic Tunisian Pullover is slightly cropped, but you can add length, subtract length, shorten the sleeves to completely customise it!

It is worked in round with double ended crochet hook. This is a fun technique of working with two balls of yarn at the same time!

Check out THIS POST for more Tunisian Crochet garments.

Tunisian crochet sweater

Emsam Pullover

 have designed this Tunisian crochet pullover to be oversized with a generous positive ease of 15 cm! It has a dropped shoulder detail with boxy shape body.

It consists of front body panel and back panel, long sleeves and a deeper V neckline created with decrease row shaping.

The tidy shoulder seams are thanks to flipping the fabric upside down and lining up last and first rows together.

I know that not everybody is into the oversized look, so you can easily make a smaller size to make more of a classic looking pullover.

A quick tip for a tidy last tunisian stitch at the end of the row is to insert hook under both strands of last loop.

The pattern comes in 9 different sizes and uses beginner stitches – Tunisian knit stitch.

Check out my blog post Tunisian crochet pullover free crochet pattern on the blog.

girl wearing tunisian crochet pullover crocheting
Emsam Pullover

Tunisian crochet cardigan

This December Cardigan is an open-front Tunisian crochet sweater designed to hit mid-hip. The full sleeves are crocheted slightly longer than your natural arm to create a bunched look.

And the sleeves are finished with folded cuffs, adding another comfortable design element to this cardigan.

CLICK HERE for the free pattern.

warm and thick cardigan

Melissa Skirt

This beautiful Tunisian Crochet skirt is very easy to make, perfect for a beginner too. You start by crocheting two panels flat. Then join with a sturdy single crochet seam and finish with a covered elastic waist band.

The dense Tunisian crochet stitches make lining optional, or you can wear it over leggings, tights, or slip shorts.

The vertical lines are very slimming, and the the fabric drapes hugs your curves with very little shaping.

Check out THIS POST for the free pattern.

Melissa Skirt

More Tunisian crochet garments for women

  1. Beginner Top CLICK HERE
  2. Sleevless Top CLICK HERE
  3. Blue Moon Jumper CLICK HERE
  4. Tunisian Blouse CLICK HERE
  5. Mitered Vest CLICK HERE
  6. Invert Cardigan CLICK HERE
  7. Tunisian Plaid Poncho CLICK HERE
  8. Elf Coat Pattern CLICK HERE
  9. Lattice Top CLICK HERE
  10. Tasha Tunisian Shrug CLICK HERE
  11. Tunisian Blanket Sweater CLICK HERE
  12. Sedona Sweater CLICK HERE
  13. Brentwood Poncho CLICK HERE
  14. Adamya Sweater CLICK HERE
  15. Sparsh Poncho CLICK HERE
  16. Mystique Capelet CLICK HERE
  17. Railway Top CLICK HERE
  18. Olivia Sweater CLICK HERE
  19. Short Row Tunisian Knit Cardigan CLICK HERE
  20. Tunisian Crochet Sweater CLICK HERE

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed these Tunisian crochet garments for women. I have more free crochet tutorials that you might enjoy right here on the blog. 

For a complete look, why not check out 10 Free Stylish Crochet Skirt Patterns.

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30 Amazing Tunisian Crochet Garments For Women – Free Patterns

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