10 Practical Free Crochet Water Bottle Holder Patterns To Make

This is a collection of amazing crochet water bottle holder patterns for you to make. These are practical additions to your every day life for on-the-go.

I love when crochet is not only beautiful but super practical. That is one of the best combinations if you ask me.

Crochet water bottle holders are easy to make, quick to complete and such a great addition.

These crochet bottle holders are quick to make too as you can use open lacy stitches to create net-like fabric to make your holder from.

Add a long shoulder strap to finish them off and make them super handy as you can wear them as a cross body bag!

You can use them daily to carry your water bottle around and leave you hands-free. Now you have even more time to scroll through your phone without dropping it because your hands are full.

These would be great to use for long walks on the beach or out in the woods with your dog. Either way they will leave your hands free to handle your dog or pick the sea shells.


10 free crochet water bottle holder patterns

How do you crochet a water bottle holder easy?

Crocheting a water bottle holder is fairly easy.

Firstly, you need to choose your preferred stitch. You can use any stitch you like!

Whether you want it to be textured with bobbles and 3D stitches or lacy net-like fabric, it is really up to you what stitch you prefer.

Even open stitches are great to use. This way your crochet water bottle holder will be finished in no time at all as the project will grow very quickly.

You also won’t need as much yarn if you choose open stitch combinations. This way you can make more bottle crochet holders from one skein of yarn.

Here are some stitches that would work great for a crochet bottle holder pattern:

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  2. How To Crochet Grit Stitch – Free Video Tutorial
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  4. Herringbone Double Crochet (HBdc) – Free Video Tutorial
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  7. Crossed Double Crochet Stitch Free Tutorial

Secondly, to start your bottle holder, you will need to create a simple circle. The circle needs to be big enough to become the bottom of the holder.

So the diameter of the circle should be slightly bigger than the diameter of your water bottle at its widest point.

You can use simple single crochet stitches for the circle as this needs to hold your water bottle in place.

Once you complete your circle increases, then simply switch to your chosen stitch for the main body of the crochet water bottle holder.

Continue working in rounds until your holder is tall enough for your water bottle to sit in snug.

10 Free Crochet Water Bottle Holder Patterns

I have chosen a wide variety of free crochet bottle holder patterns for you to choose from.

Whether you are looking for quick and easy net-like crochet water bottle holder pattern of more sturdy one, here you can find patterns for both types.

Easy Crochet Water Bottle Holder Pattern

Try this easy and free crochet water bottle holder pattern!

This one comes with a shorter strap that is easy to carry. It also fits a regular size water bottle and is super cute that you will actually want to use it!

CLICK HERE for the free crochet pattern.

Easy Crochet Water Bottle Holder Pattern

Star Stitch Bottle Holder

I love the practicality of a crochet bottle holder.

Everyone uses a water bottle at some time or another.

Male, female, kids, adults… we all drink water, and we all travel. A crochet bottle holder is a great project for yourself, or a to make as a gift.

FOLLOW THIS LINK for this cute pattern.

Star Stitch Bottle Holder

The Growing Vines

Stay hydrated by bringing your water with you in this cute crochet water bottle holder.

The Growing Vines water bottle holder pattern is written so you can make it for most water bottle sizes.

Find the free crochet water bottle holder pattern ON THIS WEBSITE.

The Growing Vines

Water Bottle Holder Pattern

This little cutie is sized for a traditional water bottle.  

The crochet water bottle holder will fit a similarly sized container if you’d like to tote something else instead.  It’s pretty stretchy and forgiving.  

The strap is perfect for throwing over your shoulder or wearing it cross body style–which is my personal favorite.

You can find the free pattern HERE.

Water Bottle Holder Pattern

Traveler’s Water Bottle Bag Pattern

Stay hands free on your adventures with the Traveler’s crochet water bottle bag pattern.

Easy, adorable and you’ll have your hands free to take pictures of all the marvels, climb over rocks or build sand castles.

You can find the free pattern ON THIS BLOG.

Traveler’s Water Bottle Bag Pattern

Water Bottle Holder with Phone Pocket

How about a Water Bottle Holder with a Phone Pocket. handy, convenient, and of course beautiful and stylish.

Add the pocket or remove the pocket, that is up to you. But this handy pattern is easy to crochet and even includes a full detailed video tutorial to make it easy to create your own.


Water Bottle Holder with Phone Pocket

Easy Jute Water Bottle Holder with Strap

This easy water bottle holder pattern uses jute instead of yarn to crochet a unique looking carrier that is also multi-functional.

It uses single crochet and double crochet stitches, so even a beginner can make it.

A simple strap is also included in the instructions so you can create a sling.

You can find the free pattern on THIS PAGE.

Easy Jute Water Bottle Holder with Strap

Mermaid Shells Water Bottle Holder

When you have little kids you know that you will always ended up carrying everyones water bottles and it will get heavy. 

Water bottle holders are a great way to get kids to carry their own water bottles on all of those walks and outings. 

Grab the pattern BY FOLLOWING THIS LINK.

Mermaid Shells

Easy Water Bottle Holder Crochet Pattern

This is a simple pattern for an easy bottle holder you can make in no time.

It uses simple and plain stitches for when you don’t want to worry about counting stitches.

Relaxing and mindless pattern you can whips up in no time in front of the telly.

THIS LINK will lead you to the free pattern.

Easy Water Bottle Holder Crochet Pattern

Quick Water Bottle Cozy Pattern

This is a quick and easy pattern that people of all skill levels can enjoy.

The pattern was designed to fit 500 ml plastic water bottles, but you can also repeat the last couple of rows and make it tall enough to fit the metal water bottles.

Click HERE for the free pattern.

Quick Cozy Pattern

Final thoughts…

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  1. You know, I’ve looked at water bottle holders and thought someday, but now that you’ve brought it to my attention I think I will make a few and see if I get any bites. It’s always a pleasure to read your emails. ♥️
    P.S. Thank You for all of your wonderful patterns.

  2. I’m interested in phone holder. I walk every morning and usually have a pocket to carry my phone. But sometimes there’s no pocket so I have small crossbody bag for my phone. Do you have a pattern for a crossbody phone bag?

    1. I don’t have one unfortunately, but have you seen the water bottle holder from my designer friend Nicki (above) that has a detachable pocket for your phone? That might be a great solution.

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