10 Beautiful Crochet Border and Edging Ideas For Garments

This is a collection of 10 beautiful crochet border and edging patterns you can use to adorn your handmade garments. You can use it for both crochet and knit wearables.

Crochet borders and edgings are useful things to master. They add a great finishing touch to any crochet or in fact knit project too.

When we think of crochet borders, most of the time we think about adding these to crochet afghans or blankets or pillowcases.

However, I think these are great finishing touches to any crochet project, including garments or accessories too.

You can replace the traditional ribbing at the bottom of jumpers or sweaters with something more fancy like a popcorn or shell border.

You can use something “out of the box” as sleeve cuffs or neckline edgings.

Different crochet border can also completely change the feel of the garment you are making. 

Add a fringe or tassels to the bottom of your garment and you have a vest or a top with real boho festival feel.


crochet border and edgings round up

10 Crochet Border and Edging Ideas To Finish Off Your Projects

I have rounded up 10 amazing crochet borders for you to choose from whatever the project is.

As you can see most of these borders are added as a finishing touch to an afghan or a blanket.

However, I think they will also work great on any crochet sweater or cardigan.

Crochet Tassel Border

This is a really cute crochet border that features playful tassels.

It is a lovely edging you could use at the bottom of a summer crochet top or a long duster cardigan.

The pattern explains how you can adjust the border to fit to your project.

CLICK HERE for the pattern.

crochet tassel border

Crochet Puff Stitch Border

Another super cute and playful idea on how to finish off your crochet project.

This border features puff stitch that is worked onto chain spaces. This makes the puff stitches stand out and hang down.

The border would look lovely as a bottom edging on a skirt or a little girls dress!

FOLLOW THIS LINK for the pattern.

crochet puff stitch border

Lacy Crochet Border

A beautiful crochet border can be the element that takes a crochet project from good to great! 

This lacy crochet border is beautiful and delicate at the same time.

The openwork and gentle peaks will finish off any project to perfection.

THIS WEBSITE has the pattern and tutorial.

lacy crochet border

Treble Scallop Edging

The beautiful large scallops will definitely make a fashion statement!

As you can see this beautiful crochet border was used to finish off a lovely hexagon crochet blanket.

You can use hexagon motifs to crochet yourself a cardigan or a sweater. Rather than making half hexagons to make the edge straight, you can use this border!

It would add a lovely finishing touch and would make the whole process easier.

THIS BLOG explains the pattern.

scallop crochet border

Crochet Big Shell Edging

The big-shell edging creates an airy and openwork border.

It would look absolutely stunning in a plain stitch top, sweater or a cardigan. By using a simple stitch for the main body, you will let the crochet border do all the talking.

It will finish it off beautifully and make you stand out from the crowd!

You can get the free pattern BY CLICKING THIS LINK.

big shell crochet border

Crochet Chain Border

As you can see this edging is much more open and lighter. It works up very quickly because it is made up of only chains and single crochet stitches and is super easy to make!

I think it would work great on a light summer top, tunic or dress.

You can also change the size of the chain spaces. Use three chains for a smaller open work or use five chain stitches for a real lacy openwork. 

FOLLOW THIS LINK for the free tutorial.

Crochet Chain Border

Slip Stitch Edging

THIS GREAT POST will show you how to use the humble slip stitch to create a beautiful edging for your project.

I love adding slip stitches to strengthen certain parts of garments like necklines or neck openings. Why not make it not only functional, but super pretty too?

Slip stitch edging is easy to do and creates a nice, finished edge without adding a lot of bulk or length.

By adding a chain between the stitches, you can get an entirely different, stretchier edging too.

Get the tutorial ON THIS WEBSITE.

slip stitch crochet edging

Crochet Crab Stitch Edging

Crab stitch crochet edging is a simple addition. It is easy and quick to make, however, it will add a cord-like finishing touch to your garment.

The crochet Crab Stitch or the Reverse Single Crochet is such a beautiful crochet stitch to finish of crochet projects or even knit projects.

Use it on any edge of your garment and the reverse single crochet aka crab stitch will finish it off nicely. 

THIS WEBSITE has the free tutorial.

crab stitch edging

Simple Shell Stitch Edging

This is one of those super simple yet very effective crochet borders. You can add this to any sweater as a replacement for a bottom hem or sleeve cuffs. 

I have seen shells added to necklines that will add a great romantic feel to your garment.

You can find the free tutorial ON THIS BLOG.

shell stitch edging

Linen Stitch Border

This is a really easy and fun border for your crochet project.

The linen stitch border is simple but definitely not plain. You might also see this stitch called the moss stitch or seed stitch. 

You can really make the border pop by using a different color for each row.

FOLLOW THIS LINK for the free tutorial.

linen stitch edging

Final thoughts…

Firstly, I hope you love these crochet border and edging patterns. If you think your crafty friends will like it too, why not share it with them?

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